A Whole Year 365 Days of Dental Social Media & Marketing Content

This plan for your social AND your marketing AND your culture is designed specifically to help you deliver high quality, consistent content for an entire year that will garner results!


I've Heard That Before...

You are finally dedicated to invest your time and marketing efforts into social media. You are taking the plunge, everything is setup, you informed the team, and you have a week's worth of content scheduled. 

That's as far as you get.

You forget to post, you can't come up with any ideas, and your graphic design skills...well don't quit your day job. 

Before you know it, you aren't getting any traction on social because of inconsistency, lack of content, and terrible design.



Social Media
Planned Out For You

Having an easy to follow strategy that includes all the inspiration you need to be successful, both now and in the long term. NO more spending hours trying to figure out what to post! 

Monthly Promo Ideas
For Online, Social,
AND in Your Practice

Growing your practice involves hard work and creativity, and this calendar is here to help lighten the load with ideas to get new patients in the door and keep existing patients engaged. 

Culture Inspiration Ideas
for your team health
and in your community

A great company culture comes down to one thing: people. You define your values and mission, but ultimately, it's up to your team to live by them. Emphasize your values, your team, and fostering a place where your team never wants to leave!

Here's What You'll Get

It's more than a plan. It's also an evidence based strategy crafted to ensure your consistently posting to engage your audience and engineered in a way to beat the algorithm, to ensure your practice brand is well known.

✅ Full 12 Months! 365 days of social media posting & marketing ideas planned out for you! 

✅ Holidays in YOUR Country! Now includes holidays for Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand!

✅Fully Customizable! Create a social feed that is unique to your practice and brand!

✅Monthly Email marketing tactics

✅Cultural Ideas to keep your team healthy and presence in the community + MORE!




⭐Canva Templates for Social Posts -  you can customize for your brand ($50 value)

⭐Dental Hashtag Guide - Easily create hashtag clouds for your posts to grow your following ($50 value)

⭐12 Email Swipe Files for Monthly Emails to Your Patients ($300 value)

⭐12 Facebook Cover Templates to keep your page on-trend each month ($50 value)

E-Book on How to Easily Ensure Your Practice is in the right algorithm ($99 value)

⭐Exclusive Guide - Loupes, Camera, Action - Video Content Starter Guide complete with over 10 scripts to make filming your videos a breeze! ($300 value)

⭐ 12 Monthly Content Checklists - A bird's eye view for every month to make planning and sharing with the team easier!




$47 One Time

Limited Time Offer!


"I knew our practice needed to improve our marketing efforts when it came to social media, which is why we wanted the calendar. But we were amazed at the value included with all of the bonuses!! Thank you Alyssa!"

Catherine R.
Practice Manger

"As a startup dental practice our budget is small so we wanted to take on marketing ourselves. We would not have seen the success we have without the Dental Marketing and Social Media Toolbox! It not only saved us time, but money too with not having to outsource!"

Petra K.
Practice Owner

"Even as a dental marketer it can be hard to constantly come up with marketing content that is fun for our team and actually converts! The Marketing Toolbox has made it so much easier to plan social media content and teach our team the importance of social media presence. The checklists are phenomenal and easy to digest when looking at a monthly glance! "

Kara T.
Marketing Director

Don't Market Like Your Patients Claim they Floss

Don't let social media and marketing be an after thought, like how your patients feel about flossing! 

You've got to practice like you preach, this should also apply to your marketing. You have do it daily, do it the right way, and doing it just before an event isn't going to get the results you hoped for... we can still tell you didn't market (oops we mean "floss") well the last 6 months! 

The difference between successful social media/marketing and failed attempts are an outcome of lack of planning.  With our monthly marketing content calendar, you can get organized, stay focused, and get back to operating your business with a true social media plan of power.


Take a peek inside

Here’s a snapshot from what monthly marketing inspiration looks like.

Let's Recap!

🗓️ 2021 Dental Marketing Calendar

365 Daily prompts so you never have to worry about what to post again! Includes monthly culture ideas, email campaigns, and promos.

📧 Monthly Email Swipe Files

Templates that are plug and play with your practice details and what to include in your monthly newletters.

💬 12 Months of Facebook Covers

Stay on-trend every month by updating your Facebook cover image. Don't forget, this sends out a notifications to your followers = more eyes on your page!

🦄 Ready To Brand Canva Templates

15 templates that are ready to be branded with your logo and colors that you can reuse over and over! 

🎥 Video Starter Guide

Dental video scripts that are ready for you to record to increase engagement and educate your patients! 

#️⃣ Dental Hashtag Guide + 80 Social Media Posts Ideas

Hashtags and social media posts ideas specifically for the dental professional to skyrocket your social media presence and ability to be found!

Get Instant Access to the 2021 Dental Marketing & Social Media Calendar and BONUSES Now

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Frequently Asked Questions

The post prompts within the calendar are customizable to a dental practice. However, we do have customers in other service based healthcare models such as chiropractic, dermatology, and optometry that have used this and find it beneficial (and we're working on custom versions specific to those industries now!)

Keep in mind that each day is a prompt, not specific language on exactly what to say in your post, though we do provide some captions to make it easier for you. This allows you to bring your own creativity and unique brand voice to your posts. Our customers are thrilled with how the daily prompts spark creativity and make posting every single day so much easier!

Yes! The prompts for posts within the calendar will work no matter what country you live in. We have customers all over the world who are using it and loving it!

It is worth mentioning, that the calendar is in English and it includes some US specific holidays. Thankfully, the calendar is 100% editable so you can easily delete the prompts that don’t apply to your country and enter your own country-specific holidays. We’ve even done the research for you and have included supplemental lists of all Australia, Canada, and UK holidays within the calendar. We’ve designed the calendar to be 100% customizable to your unique business needs no matter where in the world you’re located!

Yes! It can be adapted to work with all social media platforms. Since it's a content PLAN that focuses on the foundational principles of social media engagement, you can use it for all social media platforms.

After you purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download the PDF version. Inside of the PDF version are links for the editable versions in Google Sheets and Excel.  You will also have 24/7 access inside of your member library! 


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