The Accelerated Content Plan & Strategy Course

An effective content marketing plan is absolutely essential to achieving any business goal you might have. It’s proven to boost revenue, help you build relationships with patients, frame your practice as THE place to be cared for, and increase engagement. But why exactly does it work so well?

Learn How You Can Create a Plan to Get Results

For providers, team members, and groups who want to optimize BOTH their time AND tools to only create content that converts

My Accelerated Content Plan & Strategy Course will help you develop a content strategy from the ground up using step-by-step, guided training, proven methodology, and real, hands-on strategy exercises, taught across six modules.


Stop Wasting Your Time on Free or DIY Content Resource Searching

There’s a lot of information about content strategy and planning out there.

In fact, if you were to Google it, just for dental marketing there’s over 350 million results in existence.

Everyone has an opinion on how to implement a strategy, how to create content, and how to track success.

Not everyone can say that they’ve helped to take a business from $0 to $40 million in just six years. I can. And not everyone has built a reputation on finding simple, yet powerful, marketing and content tricks that can build your brand faster than you ever thought possible. I have. With me as your expert guide, this course that will show you how to implement real success.

Let's Set Your Marketing Up to WIN! 

With The Accelerated Content Plan & Strategy Course you can take your brand to the next level in just eight weeks.

Eight weeks. Two short months.  Sixty days.

That’s how long it takes to do something magical with content strategy when you use my resources and training inside the Accelerated Content Plan & Strategy Course.

With guides, workbooks, cheat sheets, content templates, software savings codes, and bonus tutorials added that are updated often, and each year, this is the content marketing course you’ll come back to, again and again.


Your Success On Your Time

This training can be completed on your own time, and even fit it around a 9-5 job. The Accelerated Content Plan & Strategy Course is delivered through a series of videos, PDFs, templates and guided exercises.

We've had students that came in and soaked up all the information in a month and we've had students take 5 months to get through it while working at a full time job.

How and when you learn is really up to you.

Course Contents and Curriculum

When practice's want marketing that converts, they need targeted content strategy. We teach you how to deliver.

What You Get

  • The Accelerated Content Strategy & Marketing Course (Lifetime Access) (Worth $4,997)
  • Access To a Private Mastermind/Community Of Others Doing This (Lifetime Access) ($1,997 Value)
  • 1:1 Mentorship and Help Inside the Exclusive Community from Alyssa Keefer ($1499 value)

One Time Payment


One Payment

  • Course Videos- for step by step training  

  • Action Guide - for implementing action steps

  • Content Marketing Plan Template 

  • Editorial Calendar with tabs for all key types of content

  • Summary Cheat Sheet 

  • Exclusive Group - for Private Mentoring

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The Who And Why Behind The Accelerated Content Plan & Strategy Course

As the Director of Marketing, with a team of... oh yea just me at a 40M company, I had to learn everything from scratch about marketing. I needed to in order to maximize my time and efforts, to get us the best results possible while being a one woman marketing and technology show. 

Guess where I got my marketing degree? From Google-ing all I needed to know and wanted to learn, I tried everything, and failed A LOT. 

Now, I'm taking all I've learned, all my ninja marketing skills, social & design hacks, all my personal marketing and client's struggles, all my ideas, all my creativity… and wrapping it up into a membership program. 

My mission is to empower providers and their teams through learning, executing, and excelling in a marketing program AND marketing solution built specifically around B2P (Business to Patient.)