Learn How To Market Your Dental Practice Like Never Before

All of the resources you need in one place specifically designed for the dental profession to get the marketing results you've been chasing.

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Do you dream of a day where marketing your practice isn't a bummer?

You're a hard-working leader, elbow deep in your work, juggling multiple hats, managing your inbox (will you EVER reach inbox zero?) and, fingers crossed, hoping your latest marketing campaign or posts will be read by more people than just your team members and spouse.

Are you feeling confused about using marketing strategically? Your current strategy of ‘throwing social posts or mailers at the wall and hoping they stick’ isn’t working.
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Are you convinced your ideal patients are searching on the marketing channel you're on, but you aren’t quite sure how to get noticed and get clicks to your website? How did your competitor go viral with that one post or campaign?
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Are you feeling stuck with your current marketing efforts that demand so much of your daily attention? You want more results, to work less on marketing and treat patients more.

Been there.  Marketed that.  The truth is running a practice is hard work.  You’ve probably heard that to grow your business, you should spend xyz  of your time or budget on marketing it.  But what exactly do these figures mean? Where do they come from?

What if you could?

Generate more patient leads (without having to pay for expensive ads that don't work) and finally get traction on all of your social, ground, and content marketing efforts without having to constantly show up online every day?

Marketing is expensive—both in dollars and time. What if you knew exactly what to do when you hit publish on a new marketing campaign with an easy to use checklist? What if you could grow your practice with a solid organic strategy, broadening your marketing efforts on the content you are already creating, in less time with more results? What if you could feel less overwhelmed and make more progress toward marketing your practice, so you can get back to caring for the patients in your chair?

Ready to quickly learn and understand marketing your practice??


Do you even know who your target market is?

If you say new patients, you are worse off than what we thought! Learn why you need to expand your targeting in order to achieve more results.

Can you be identified solely by your branding?

If you say "Yeah, I think people would know who we are by our logo." WRONG. Your brand should be defined beyond just your graphics and colors.

Is your marketing strategy a "has been"?  

If you can't remember the last time your team made a personalized post on social media, sent a letter or email outside of billing, or participated in a community event as a group, you're in trouble. 

If you have tried numerous times to market your practice with no training and were disappointed with results, you need Dental Marketing 101

We Need Help!
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This mini-course is for you if you’re working in a dental group or practice and: 

  • want to learn the basics about dental marketing.

  • want to market easily, efficiently, and effectively.

  • have been marketing some, but don't have a cohesive plan in place to pull everything together aka random acts of marketing.

  • want to understand how to track results and ROI in marketing.

  • want to get more genuine reviews.

Get The Course

Dental 101 Lays Down the Foundation Your Marketing Is Missing 

Get the crash course your team needs without needing a degree in marketing. From start to finish you will have easy to understand marketing tactics that will guarantee practice growth. All you have to do is implement them! 

Take a Peek Inside - Course Contents

  • How to find your target market - do you really know who you're marketing to, or are you just throwing darts and hoping they land on an ideal patient?
  • Learn to build a brand that converts - are you consistent in your branding, messaging, and overall "feel" of your practice? 
  • The impact of marketing and your budget - do you really know what you're spending and how to attribute it to the bottom line?
  • Marketing metrics and determining your return on investment - do you know what numbers are important, or are you confused by all the jargon?
  • Different types of marketing and how to get a handle on each one - do you know which type of marketing works best for your practice?
  • Importance of online referrals and reviews- do you know when or how to respond while staying HIPAA compliant?
  • Action Guide Workbooks, Worksheets, and guides to help you through the lessons in this course!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this going to be the year you say "yes" to Understanding Marketing Your Practice?

Finally get confidence in marketing and know exactly what to do when you want to run a campaign or choose a new medium to market on to truly be seen by your target patients! 

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