The Dental Accelerated Marketer Program

This very comprehensive program will provide you with a strategic overview of all the key aspects involved in marketing a dental group or practice, from understanding your target market and the ideal patient journey to managing the branding and promotional activities of the business.  Come on in and get your feet DAMP! 

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  • You are working long hours and seeing little to no results
  • You need a list of all the marketing that actually make you money instead of marketing that drains you
  • You feel like you lose money every time you try something new
  • You are constantly looking for new patients and aren't sure how to keep existing patients engaged
  • You have no idea what you're going to work on next
  • You don't understand all the marketing jargon and can't interpret the reports you're getting about your marketing
  • You don't know what your ROI actually is on any of the marketing you're doing

Dental Accelerated Marketing Management Program

The marketing director/manager/coordinator is the hub of the marketing in any practice or group. The success of the company’s marketing activities rests with them.  This means that not only do they have to be a first-class marketer, who generates new and exciting ideas, they also must have superior management and leadership skills so that they can get the best out of the members of the marketing department or maximize their time to be able to conduct and manage all the facets of practice marketing.

With this Dental Accelerated Marketing Management Program you'll learn how to become a top notch and proficient manager of a marketing department, enabling you to strategize new marketing techniques that are unique to your company and target market.

Learn with Alyssa Keefer, an industry leader and expert where she'll be sure to empower you with both current Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing Management skills which will enable you to reach new heights in your professional career.

Who is this course suited for?

  • Individuals wanting to break into the world of dental marketing & management
  • Current dental marketing professionals wanting to up their game in marketing management
  • Dental Marketing professionals looking for a fresh perspective in their business endeavors
  • Dentists who want to understand marketing so they know how best to support and hold their marketing team member or agency accountable
This program is set to launch in 2022.



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The Dental Accelerated Marketer Program is a self paced course for practice owners, team members who want to learn marketing, and for seasoned marketing professionals who are looking to increase their impact, drive up the new patient numbers and existing patient retention, making more money for their company while leading a lower-stress marketing department.

The Who And Why Behind The Accelerated Dental Marketer

I started in dental because I loved my dentist and the culture of the practice. Its what made me change my entire life plan and over a decade ago I started in sterlization, became a dental assistant, learned every role in a dental group, and it all lead me to where I am today. As the Director of Marketing, with a team of.. oh yea just me! I had to learn everything I needed to in order to maximize my time and efforts, to get us the best results possible. 

Guess where I got my marketing degree? From Google-ing all I needed to know and wanted to learn, I tried everything, and failed A LOT. 

Now, I'm taking all I've learned, all my ninja marketing skills, social & design hacks, all my personal marketing and dental clients' struggles, all my ideas, all my creativity… and wrapping it up into a membership program.  My mission is to make the The Accelerated Dental Marketer program a learning program AND marketing solution.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will have access in the forums, in the Facebook group, and "Ask Alyssa Anything" calls. 


You can cancel at any time with the monthly or annual option & you won’t be charged again. I believe in this program so much that I even offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Also, keep in mind, the beauty of a membership is that the product is not set in stone. Your feedback will shape the evolution of the program to ensure your exact needs are met (and exceeded). Plus, you get to vote for the new offerings and get beta access to additional offerings!


If I told you that you could save HOURS each week by dedicating a few hours upfront, would you do it?

If so, you'll realize that the return on investment is nothing compared to the time you save to finally do the things you WANT to, not that you HAVE to.


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